At Python Products, Inc. we are dedicated to customer service and want all of our users to be completely satisfied with their Python purchase. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions below. If your question is not listed, please contact us for personal attention.

How much water do I take out?

We recommend only a 5 to 10% water change every other week. Removal of too much water at one time may stress your fish and result in disease or death.

The adapter does not hook up to my faucet?

When you remove the aerator you will find that you have either a male or female threaded faucet. Your unit came with our 69HD brass adapter. For faucets with female, inside threads, use as provided. For faucets with male, outside threads, remove the large white washer. Attach adapter to faucet and attach top of faucet pump to adapter. In the rare circumstance that it does not fit, you may need a MABA, or a FEBA for the newer faucets with smaller threads. Available through your local aquarium shop or our Replacement Parts page.

My No Spill Clean & Fill Gravel Cleaner will not drain!

Make sure all fittings are tight and that your cold water is turned on full force. The pump must be in the "drain" position. The top of the pump must be completely secured onto the adapter. If you can move the top of the pump by holding onto the hose and pushing left or right, your venturi is loose and air is leaking into the vacuum. If this happens, hold onto your pump and turn the tubing counter clockwise just until tight.

How do I add conditioners to my water?

Refilling your aquarium with the No Spill Clean and Fill effectively aerates the tap water, thereby removing a portion of the harmful chlorine. In order to ensure an ideal and safe aquatic environment for your aquarium inhabitants, we strongly recommend the addition of an effective water conditioner. This will remove any residual chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals found in your municipal water supply that may adversely affect the health of your aquarium. For easy application, simply add the chemical of your choice to the return stream during the refill process.